Intrusion Detection

Oyla can detect people and other objects in world view space, and so can alert when a user-defined perimeter has been crossed, or if there is a presence in a user-defined area or volume space. Oyla's 3D solution is not reliant on error-prone motion detection, and works in difficult lighting as illustrated here.

Example: Pedestrians in a residential blind turn zone.  This zone could be any area in which the presence of people or other objects is of interest. 

Example: Intruder in a private residential entry.  This 3D volumetric zone could be any user-defined volume in which the presence of people or other certain objects is of interest. This technique is not subject to blowing leaves or shadows as with simple video change detection.


Social Distancing/People Counting

Oyla can detect people and other objects in 3D space. Thus Oyla can measure the instantaneous distance between them from standoff distances of 40 meters or more.  Oyla can also track the motion of the individual people in a gathering.

Example: Distance between pedestrians in a street, and tracking their motion individually.  In this neighborhood gathering demonstration, the Oyla system assigns each of the 8 individuals an ID number.  The distance between individuals is continuously measured and incidents of less than 6 feet of separation are noted. When people are less than 6 feet apart a red line is drawn between them. Also tracked are the number of incidents involving a particular individual, and the statistics for a rectangular zone of interest. (Click on the video to pause).

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